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Project N.U.W

Move, Build, Escape!

University F.M.P

Solo developer – creating game as part of my final year of university.

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Project Proposal

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Project Insight

Idea Generation

The idea behind Project N.U.W. came about after taking note of recent events in the world regarding nuclear energy, waste, extreme tourism and trends within the gaming industry.

Aims and Goals

Project N.U.W hopes to give you an adrenaline filled experience, with fun mechanics as well as show you the devastation such an event has.


In the game there are multiple routes provided for the player to navigate through – some are easier to get through than others. However you must figure out what is the fastest! Good Luck and Have Fun!

Introduction To The Game

Project N.U.W is a solo project that is being developed in 12 weeks by one developer – Timofey Udovidchenko.

The game is set in the 2011 Daiichi Nuclear Reactor in Fukushima. You awake during the earthquake tremors as a worker inside the station and attempt to escape as quickly as possible!

Navigate through different pathways and levels, making use of various boxes, barrels and buttons to create new routes!

“I want Project N.U.W to be primarily a fun mechanics-based game but also have a deeper meaning that promotes thinking about more sustainable and safer energy – through showing the devastation nuclear energy can hold when it goes incorrectly. I think Fukushima is a perfect example as it demonstrates we are not able to control everything. Mother Nature does as she pleases.”

Timofey Udovidchenko

What to expect?


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